“Oorgandagarna” – learning goals

The “Oorgandagarna” can be used as a part in the fulfilment of two of the learning goals in the individual study plans for PhD-students.

For the Degree of Doctor the third-cycle student shall:

Knowledge and understanding

  • demonstrate broad knowledge and systematic understanding of the research field (e.g. inorganic chemistry) as well as advanced and up-to-date specialised knowledge in a limited area of this field, and
  • demonstrate familiarity with research methodology in general and the methods of the specific field of research in particular.

Competence and skills

  • demonstrate the ability in both national and international contexts to present and discuss research and research findings authoritatively in speech and writing and in dialogue with the academic community and society in general

An active participation thru an oral or poster presentation, listening to lectures, discussing with participants/speakers and purchasers combined followed by a written travelling report about trends and directions within inorganic chemistry can be seen as parts in the fulfilment of the learning goals mentioned above.