IYPT 2019 – Open to the Public!!

The conference opened on June 12 with a Special Session open to the public celebrating the International Year of the Periodic Table with 3 lectures by Eric Scerri (UCLA), Lars Öhrström (Chalmers) and Dirk Rudolph (Lund).

In connection to this Special Session, a separate poster session (with poster prizes!) covering elements discovered in Sweden was presented with contributions from (most) Swedish host universities having delegates at the conference.

You can view all the posters (linked to .jpg) below including the poster prize winner Uppsala University. (Scandium) and runner-up Linköping University (Cerium).

For more info, contact Michael Holmboe (michael.holmboe@umu.se).

Schedule for the opening session:

 Jean-François Boily & Vice-Chancellor Hans Adolfsson (Umeå University):
Opening Remarks

13:15-14:00  EurJIC lecturer Eric Scerri (UCLA):
The Periodic Table, Its Story and Its Significance.

14:00-14:30 Dirk Rudolph (Lund University):
Nuclear Alchemy – Synthesis and Studies of (New) Superheavy Elements

14:30-15:00 Lars Öhrström (Chalmers):
Periodic footprints in history, literature and cinema